About Brilliant Business Tools

The website was created by Dan Harrison to help business owners with very commonly asked questions about business tools and software.

Within networking meetings, in Facebook groups, in mastermind groups, Dan found that business owners were often asking:

  • “What’s the best CRM”
  • or “What’s the best way to sell my new product”
  • or “How do I create a membership tool for my website?”.

These questions come up a lot, and in many cases, the answer was “it depends”. A software tool that’s great for one business might be terrible for another. If it’s the first time that a business is using a tool, that business owner will usually have very little idea on what they need!

Brilliant Business Tools has been created to help answer these common questions, to save business owners huge amounts of time and help them to find the tools and resources that they need to help their business run more efficiently.

There are huge numbers of tools out there, and not just for software. There are plenty of tools for mindset and finance too! Hopefully, that’s where our research and experience will help you to save time too.


How the website is financed

When creating articles and content for the website, we’ll naturally have products and services that we’ve tested that we love and want to recommend.

When articles have been written, the team will insert affiliate links (and mark them with a *) for products and services that we recommend.

These links look like normal links, but if you click through and make a purchase, the link might generate a payment back to the Brilliant Business Tools website. The details vary massively and can be per purchase, per account, or occasionally per click.

We don’t track individual users on the website. If you enter your details into a form on our website, naturally we capture your details then, so that they can be used to provide you with the information you’ve requested.

We’ve written the guides to be as independent as possible. If we recommend something that does not have a ‘paid’ link, then we’ll still recommend the product or service anyway.

As we provide links to Amazon, as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.


You know when links are affiliated

If you see a link with a *, you can choose if you click through our paid link (and therefore contribute to the Brilliant Business Tools website) or if you wish, you could go directly (and not contribute to Brilliant Business Tools). That’s why we disclose these links, so that you can choose.