Lastpass is a password manager for your web browser (such as Safari, Google Chrome) and phone (both Android and iPhones). It’s a password tool that stores your passwords and personal information using encryption on a secure vault.

Rather than using the very risky and insecure method of using 2 or 3 passwords for all of the different systems you use, simply use a random and long password for each website you use, and have this tool remember the login details for you.

Since it’s a single service, you can automatically access login details from you web browser on your phone (and vice versa). This helps you to use strong passwords for your applications rather than being tempted to use passwords that are easy to remember (but also easy to hack).

A pragmatic mix of features and security gives you a tool that genuinely saves you time and sanity trying to remember logins for your websites and apps.

From £3.40 per user per month when billed annually
An easy-to-use password storage tool. Offering features for small businesses to manage users and access, as well as monitoring the dark web for your credentials that might have been compromised.
  • Store and encrypt unlimited passwords
  • Automatically save and autofill passwords into the application
  • Brilliant built-in random password generator
  • Monitor the dark web to let you know if any of your old credentials have been compromised (i.e. hacked)
  • The mobile applications can be a bit fiddly to set up the autofill on mobile
  • It might take less-technical users a few goes to get the hang of it.