Bee All Design – Unlimited Graphic Design Service – what’s it like?

Bee All Design* is an unlimited graphic design service where you pay a monthly fee and you get unlimited graphic design work done for you. While this is the first unlimited graphic design service I’ve used, I have used Bee All Design several times over the last 2 years.

Simply put, you create a work queue of all the graphic design work you’d like created. As each piece of work is designed, you offer feedback with revisions until you get the design that you’re after.


How does an unlimited graphic design service work?

The Bee All Design* interface is very simple.

You essentially have a work queue. Depending on the package that you’ve purchased, you can have 1, 2 or 4 jobs (tasks) going on in parallel. Each time you create a design task, it’s added to the work queue.

The design tasks are completed in order from the work queue.

Once the first design task has been completed, the next task is started.

Bee All Design - Unlimited Graphic Design - Queue

You can pause a design task at any time. This is ideal if you’re waiting on feedback from your team or clients on a recent design request. If there are more tasks in your design queue, then the next design task will be started until you unpause the first design task. This is a particularly useful feature that means you’re efficiently using designer time.

From my experience with Bee All Design, I’ve found that it takes 1 working day for the first bit of design work to be completed. As long as I am prompt with my feedback, revisions tend to be pretty quick and come back within a working day.


How do you create a design task?

Once you’re logged in, you create a ‘Design Request‘. This is where you specify:

  • A project title
  • The brand this is for (you can create ‘brands’ which have logos, colours and fonts in a separate part of the site)
  • Project type
  • The image being created (and it’s size, and file format)
  • Your target audience
  • The project description / instructions
  • What you don’t want in the design request
  • Any images, fonts and assets to use for the design

Bee All Design - Design Request


Really useful feature – the ‘Brand’ section

As I have 2 website brands, plus several clients, it’s very useful for me to use the ‘Brands’ section of Bee All Design*. You can add the main logo, define fonts, add social media links, and more in the brand section. You could also use the description section to design your brand colours too (e.g. #000000).

Bee All Design - Add Brand

I find that it’s a huge time-saver as it is when creating design requests, as you can easily share the key design elements for that brand. I’d love to see this feature expanded so that you can add more than just 1 logo file and other image assets.


What’s the difference – between Unlimited Design v.s. a Freelancer?

When working with a conventional graphic design freelancer, you invariably agree on a fixed price or fixed number of hours for a project.

By contrast, with unlimited graphic design services, you pay a fixed monthly fee and you can ask for as much design work as you wish.

So what are the differences?


Freelance Designer – Pros

  • You designer learns what style you like and becomes adept at knowing what works great for your brand.


Freelance Designer – Cons

  • Great designers get busy, and I often have to wait 2-4 weeks for my freelancer designer to get to my projects
  • Finding a great designer takes a lot of time and money as you try to find the right person for you
  • As a designer becomes busier, they get more expensive over time


Unlimited Graphic Design Service – Pros

  • You pay a simple flat rate for graphic design, so you know what you’re always paying
  • You can get all of the little bits of graphic design work done on your to-do list
  • You can encourage your time to use the design service as much as you like to help reduce your workload


Unlimited Graphic Design Service – Cons

  • Sometimes you’ll need to give lots of feedback to get the design you need


Example Design Projects


Example Project A – 3D Mockup of a book on a desk

Project Brief: “Please create a 3D Paperback mockup of this book cover. So that it looks like a book is on a desk. I wish to use this design for a few books.”. I requested a PNG image, in 1200x630px in size.

I then provided these images as part of the brief.

1st Revision

Here’s the 1st revision of the design that came back:

My feedback: “Ah. so as per the sample diagram, I wanted the book to look like it’s laying down on the desk, as per the sample image that I sent.”

2nd Revision

Here’s the 2nd revision of the design that came back:

My feedback: “I really like the 2nd design. Here are some changes.” (To give these changes, I used the particularly useful SnagIt tool*, which is ideal for annotating images and screenshots).

3rd Revision

After that feedback, I get the design that I’m looking for on the 3rd revision.


Example Project B – Creating an image for showing testimonials on LinkedIn

Project Brief: “Create an image that I can update in canva to post testimonials on Facebook or LinkedIn. Something like a speech bubble?

Testimonials I use are here:

So there’s a headline, the testimonial body, the person’s name, company and a photo.

Please create a testimonial, and then a blank version that I can easily update.” I requested a PNG image, in 800px x 800px in size.

1st Revision

Here’s the 1st Revision of the design that came back:

My Feedback: “Really love this, very good indeed. Could you find an appropriate place to put the WP Doctors log on it too please?”

2nd Revision

Here’s the 2nd and final revision of the design that came back:


Example Project C – creating a banner for a lead magnet

This image was created for a client (Lorraine Ashover at MinervaPCS) and is shared with consent.

Project Brief: “Create a banner image for a lead magnet. The banner is going to go on a page like this:

Text to appear on banner:
“Want 84 brilliant ideas on how to develop the perfect procurement process?

Learn how to maximise your chances of getting best value for every £ of non-staff spend.

Download our ebook here.”

Branding Details are here:“. I asked for an image 350x350px in size, and also sent them the 3D mockup images to use in the banner.

1st Revision

Here’s the first revision, where we instantly liked the 2nd image more than the first.

My Feedback: So our feedback was focused on the 2nd image. I asked for a blue call-to-action button to match the brand.

2nd Revision

My Feedback: The button didn’t match the rest of the site design, so we asked for some adjustments to match it to the rest of the website.

3rd Revision

My Feedback: The previous design was better, so we asked for the design from revision 3, but with a button that more closely matches the site branding.

4th Revision

And this is the 4th and final revision that leaves us with the image that the client loves.



This unlimited design service is perfect for what I’d call day-to-day graphics work. I’ve got the best results when I’ve requested:

  • Images for Social Media
  • OpenGraph images that are shown when sharing a page on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Banner images – used to promote your content across your website
  • 3D Mockups of products, e.g. mockups of books
  • Images where you’d want to create something yourself in canva, but really know someone else should be doing it!

These images are time-consuming, need doing quickly, and follow a pattern/process. This makes it easy for you to delegate them quickly to the Bee All Design* graphics design team.

I know that other people have had great success with Bee All Design with logos, landing page designs, lead magnets, and YouTube thumbnails.

Big Tip: My big tip is to ensure that you make time to give the designers constructive and positive feedback on the design work they do for you. They respond particularly well to being told what they’ve done is correct, and lots of detail on what needs changing.